Fantastic beaches near Manila

Beaches near Manila philippines tropical mussel

Beaches near Manila

It is always the same question, where to go near Manila or for example Muntinlupa if you love water activities. The answer is easy, there are more than 10 wonderful beaches near Manila:

  1. San Antonio, Zambales,
  2. Calatagan, Batangas,
  3. Malabrigo Lobo Batangas,
  4. Laiya, San Juan, Batangas,
  5. Nasugbu Lian Batangas,

and many other wonderful beaches.

Awesome mussles, seahorses, shells and stones at Philippines beaches near Manila

If you go for a walk you can find dozens of very interesting little things, like seahorses, all kind of shells, and millions of stones. These stones sometimes look like gemstones. Bring all different kind of things you found at the beach home, put them on a paper and frame it and hang it somewhere in your living room. You will enjoy your Ocean collection every day. If you spend a Saturday or weekend at the beach, you should ask for bed and breakfast. Some beaches near Manila are connected to some resorts or hotels. That means you are allowed to use the shower bbq place and all other facilities like toilets. If you go for diving or for a swim, better wear a T- Shirt. It happens to me in Batangas last week, it was a wonderful but hot Sunday and I was swimming without a t- shirt and my shoulders both got a really serious sunburn. I looked like a snake which gets a new skin after 3 days. So better you take it serious and be careful. On some beaches there are boats or a fisherman who have no problem to bring you over, to some very small Islands with pure white beaches. However, it does not really matter, if you do camping there, or if you choose a hotel, you will enjoy your stay at the sunny side of live at the Ocean.

If you ask you will find many beaches near Manila with proper barbeque facilities directly next to the waterfront. I tell you, why it is better to arrive Saturday morning very early and stay there until Sunday. Because the fish from the fishermen’s in the morning is really fresh and the selection is quite huge. Bring your own “Kitchen Equipment” and don’t forget oil, herbs, etc. Make your weekend to an unforgettable event. What can be better to spend a weekend with the whole family at the beach. Don’t forget your camera and if you can bring some rubber shoes just in case you choose a rocky beach. By the way a beach with rocks and stones are not automatically “bad” some have amazing clear water. Please check all top beaches also here…

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