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Jobs in the PhilippinesMANILA, Philippines – The Philippines are still a dream for many people in the world, a nice place to be. But what about the daily life and living conditions for the Filipinos? More than 11 Million Filipinos need to work in  second Jobs. Life was forcing them to take more than only one Job. Salary is raising yes, but rent, food and other daily needs as well. For example if there is someone with a Job in Manila or Muntinlupa, the average salary will be round about 470 to 540 PHP. The underemployment rate is growing since the last years no desperately. The Philippine Trade Union Congress attributed this figure to job mismatch and low salary that workers receive.

Health insurance, tax, and inflation in the Philippines

There is a serious concern of Health insurance, tax, and inflation. That’s why so many people have no other choice. The National Statistics Office record showed there are 7.934 million underemployed in January 2013, up by 916,000 since January 2012 (7.018 million) and 7.050 million in 2011.
In summer 2012 the Philippines had the highest underemployment rate of all time nearly 9 million and more than 70% had an agriculture background. Whatever will happen, the Philippines need to increase their income. The bad thing is, if there is a wage of let say 400PHP they bring home 200PHP after mandatory deductions. Also in most of manufacturing sectors, most workers are forced to perform their jobs in risky environments due to unsafe machinery and terrible chemicals with practically non-existent protective situation. Even workers’ mealtime and restroom breaks are measured by only minutes. This is hard to imagine. Because of those circumstances it needs some changes. As long workers cannot earn more money, many of them need another job, a second chance to bring more home than half of it.

Things you should know about jobs in the Philippines

But there are some points you should know, let say you have already one good job, your main job, make sure that your second job will fit to your first one otherwise you will be fired if they have the feeling you are not rested enough. Let say it will be nearly impossible if your second job is a night shift, and your main job at the day time is driving a bus. Normally you need the permission from your Boss about the idea of a second job.

If possible, you should try to find your second job near your first one, otherwise the transportation and all costs will destroy the benefits of your second job. Last but not least, you should ask someone who knows about the legal situation, like an accountant, you should not try to bring yourself in a dangerous or illegal situation. Because of the penalty is often higher than your income in one year. A second or part time job is a very individual thing, make sure that you make the right decision. Stay well.

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