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  • NON BUFFABLE LIQUID WAX is specially formulated to provide long-lasting shine on heavily used floors. Water resistant and withstands detergent cleaners. It is designed for vinyl, rubber, wood and linoleum surfaces. Self polish; no need to buff and dries to a bright surface shine.



    • Bright shine finish
    • Water resistant
    • No need to polish
    • Self shine



    White liquid




    1. Strip floor area using wax stripper and allow to dry. Remove any other foreign material like lint.
    2. Fill a pail with ¾ full of clean water. Dip clean mop head into fresh water and wring out well.
    3. Put plastic liner into empty bucket before pouring in liquid wax. [The plastic liner keeps the pail clean and the wax from becoming contaminated with residue that might be in the pail.]
    4. Dip the damp mop into the floor finish (wax) and wring out so the mop does not drip.
    5. First, at the farthest corner from the door apply a thin coat of wax on the floor on each side of the corner. Apply 6’ to 9’ stroke at a time.

    TIP: Turn the mop head often and re-dip in finish before the mop head becomes dried out and streaks the floor.

    1. Using a side to side movement, apply the wax to the floor area and overlap the strokes of the mop head. Avoid splashing. Apply amounts of wax evenly and cover all areas.
    2. Allow floor to dry 20-30 minutes or until floor does not feel sticky to the touch. Allow coat to dry completely.
    3. If needed, apply more coats of wax as before except stay away from the baseboards or edges close to the wall. These areas get little or no where since people cannot walk that close to the wall. Multiple coats of finish at the baseboards build up too much.


    Note                     : at the most, 3 coats of wax are recommended to achieve a shine and more to attain maximum effect.

    : When mopping between applications of coats of finish, be sure to mop the floor with a dry dust mop head before applying the next coat. Mopping between coats is to level the finish.

    Reminder               : A buffable finish can be applied on top of a non-buffable finish, but a non-buffable finish cannot be applied on top of a buffable finish.


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