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Fantastic beaches near Manila

Beaches near Manila It is always the same question, where to go near Manila or for example Muntinlupa if you love water activities. The answer is easy, there are more than 10 wonderful beaches near Manila: San Antonio, Zambales, Calatagan, Batangas, Malabrigo Lobo Batangas, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, Nasugbu Lian Batangas, and many other wonderful beaches…. Read more »

5 Reasons Why Anthony Bourdain Loves the Filipinos

Who doesn’t know Anthony Bourdain? This world-famous chef, bestselling author and multiple Emmy-award winning television persona is one explorer. He unravels little-known destinations and diverse cultures in the different continents of the world. Forbes writer Jim Dobson dubbed the American as “A 59 year-old adventurer, a storyteller, a father and perhaps one of the best… Read more »

Tocino the most popular processed Filipino food in Pampanga


Tocino a popular Filipino-food in Pampanga Tocino is one of the most popular processed Filipino foods in Pampanga. And many foreigners who have been introduced to this famous recipe have come to like it. Tocino or tosino is a cured meat product native to the Philippines. It is usually made out of pork and is… Read more »

The best street artists in the Philippines

Street art and street artists in the Philippines We report about the little things in the streets of the Philippines. The general public does not know about the little things. But in the sum, the little things make the true spirit of the Philippines! All over the world street art will tell us something, also… Read more »